Discover the SIA'TTITUDE: the commitment of the International Agricultural Show to a more responsible event, respectful of the environment, community living, and animal welfare.

A major show, major responsibilities: the Paris International Agricultural Show calls for collective action


Every year, France's leading agricultural show unfurls its 16 hectares at Porte de Versailles. Thanks to the commitment of 2,000 professionals, an ephemeral city emerges for 9 days, welcoming more than 600,000 visitors, 4,000 animals and 1,000 exhibitors.

The Paris International Agricultural Show is a large-scale event and a key player in society, conscious of its social, societal and environmental impact.

Its scale and influence are incomparable, and so are its responsibilities.

Embracing the SIA'ttitude means saying...

Infographic on living well together

YES to living well together

A celebration is only beautiful if all its participants feel comfortable. Remaining attentive to others' comfort, promoting kind and constructive exchanges, exercising restraint and responsibility when consuming alcohol - these are all individual steps that will contribute to the success of this gathering. The Paris International Agricultural Show is a friendly, warm, and popular event, and it aims to remain so. Each person's enjoyment depends on respecting the tranquility of all those who participate in and experience the Salon. 
Infographic showing that the show is environmentally friendly

YES to a more environmentally friendly Show

Reducing paper usage, sorting and recycling waste, using more ethical goodies, combating food waste... For several years now, the Paris International Agricultural Show has been adopting more virtuous practices. 

With each new edition, the Show takes a step forward. 
Infographic on respect for animals at the show

YES to respecting animals at the Show

Transportation and reception, feeding, living space, rest periods, educational outreach to the public: the Show is committed to the comfort of animals and collaborates with experts to ensure the best possible care. 
Infographic on collective contribution

YES to collective contribution

Organizers, exhibitors, visitors, service providers, partners: all are guarantors of the success of the event. Becoming a responsible Show is an immense challenge. The entire community of those-who-make-the-SIA is invited to participate. 

For a responsible Salon, let's embrace the SIA'ttitude together! 
Infographic on food banks with fork and knife

Combatting food waste

- Organizing food collections at exhibitors' stands with the Banques Alimentaires 
- The equivalent of 12,000 meals collected* 
*In 2023 
Infographic with a leaf connected to a plug

Reasonable energy consumption

- Electricity from certified green sources and use of LEDs for park lighting 
- Two pavilions heated with rapeseed boilers, 100% French origin 
Source: Viparis 
Infographic with bees

Commitment to biodiversity

- Since 2018, the SIA has owned a hive in Auvergne, home to 25,000 bees 
- The goal? To save bees by enabling the creation of new colonies! 
Infographic with a bag

More responsible goodies

- Magnet with "Origine France Garantie" label 
- Tote bags made from hemp cottonized in France 
Infographic with arrows showing a cycle

Waste valorization

- 146 tons of materials collected from stands and recycled (66 tons of wood, 34 tons of cardboard, 10 tons of plastic, and 36 tons of glass) 
- Collection of biowaste from exhibitors, transformed into natural gas or fertilizer 
- 321 kg of cooking oils and fats collected and valorized into sustainable fuel 
Sources: Millenium / Quatra 2023, Tryon 


- Presence of a team of veterinarians 24/7 
- Support from a specialized and independent audit and consulting firm 
- An ethics and animal welfare committee to improve the conditions for animal care 
Infographic showing a moon


- Animal reception areas equipped with rubber mats for their comfort 
- Establishment of quiet and secure pathways dedicated to animals' movement 
Infographic showing hay bales and a pitchfork


Feeding based on Crau hay and organic hay 
Infographic with two lungs


- Dim lighting is enforced in animal halls to ensure minimum rest periods of 6 hours 
- Educational signage to convey to visitors the principles to respect for the tranquility of the animals 
Infographic showing a person sitting on a bench

Visitor Comfort

- 4 rest areas distributed throughout the Show 
- Easy and free access to water 
A SIA'ttitude brigade to raise awareness among visitors about good practices for a comfortable and enjoyable Show for all 
Infographic showing a person in a wheelchair


For people with disabilities: 
- Reduced admission fee 
- Dedicated queues at Show entrances 
- Mechanical wheelchairs available*  
*subject to availability 
Infographic of a bottle and a glass


Two teams of "thirst-quenchers" 
- To educate about responsible alcohol consumption 
- Responsible for distributing water for free to prevent excesses  
With the support of Pernod Ricard 
Group of people wearing SIA'TTITUDE waistcoats

Embracing the SIA'TTITUDE

As a visitor to the Paris International Agricultural Show, I pledge to join you by adopting the right behaviors during my visit! 

  • I will present my e-ticket directly on my smartphone at the entrances. 
  • I will travel to the show using public transportation, by bike, or on foot. 
  • I will maintain a respectful distance from the animals for their well-being and respect their tranquility. 
  • I will sort my waste at the show by putting plastic bottles, cans, cardboard trays, and cutlery in the yellow bins, and cigarette butts in the ashtrays available throughout the park. 
  • I will respect the physical integrity of others, as well as the equipment and property of third parties. 
  • When I engage in conversation with an exhibitor or a breeder, I will do so in a constructive and positive manner. 
  • If I consume alcohol on-site, I will do so in moderation. 
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