Dive into the fascinating history of the Paris International Agricultural Show, from its humble beginnings to its status as a major agricultural event. Discover its evolution over the decades and its crucial impact in showcasing French agriculture.


  • 2024 - The 60th edition of the paris International Agricultural Show was a success despite the challenges. With over 600,000 visitors, the SIA remains a popular and human-centered event. Despite facing political and agricultural difficulties, the show managed to maintain its convivial atmosphere. The 60th edition was marked by festive moments and the success of the new SIA'PRO event, with strong exhibitor participation and a program rich in conferences and workshops.

2000 - 2019

  • 2020 -Despite having to close early, the Show ended with a strong feeling of #agripride. That of the breeders, producers and elected representatives who, along with the 482,221 visitors (633,213 in 2019) to this 57th edition, continued to forge the unbreakable bond with an agriculture that is the pride of the French people and admired the world over. For 8 days, an educational approach and a desire to communicate hopes and prospects were high on the agenda for all the participants.

  • 2019 - 3 million people reached via our social networks

  • 2018 - 672,568 French and international visitors, both professionals and the general public, came to discover the rich diversity of the agricultural world.

  • 2017 - Over 17 million mentions of #SIA2017

  • 2016 - Cerise the cow is the first mascot with dedicated digital communication.
  • 2014 - The Show draws more than 700,000 people, double the attendance at its first edition!

  • 2013 - The show celebrates its 50th anniversary. The communication campaign showcases the 7 animals representing the 7 species in the 'Concours Général Agricole des Animaux' (best of show).

  • 2011 - As of 2000, cows become the mascots for the International Agricultural Show. Each year, CENECA and the breeding committee decides the breed to be showcased. The selection body for the featured breed then designates the animal that best represents it.

1925 -1975

  • 1975 - The show attracts 500,000 visitors
  • 1964 - The International Agricultural Show opens its doors for the first time. The tone is set: the agricultural world as a whole is to be found here. This first show opens its doors in March and attracts more than 300,000 visitors. The show becomes a must-visit for many political figures.
  • 1963 - Edgard Pisani, then Minister of Agriculture, creates the French National Centre for Agricultural Exhibitions and Competitions (CENECA). Its missions are "to assume responsibility for agricultural exhibitions and competitions of a national or international nature and, in particular, that of the 'Concours Général de Paris' ”.

  • 1925 - The 'Concours Général Agricole' moves to the Parc des Expositions exhibition centre at Porte de Versailles and has continued to grow ever since. Initially limited to animals, it now hosts Best of show competitions for local products, wines. In 2014 for the first time, flowered meadows are included at the magnificent showcase: the International Agricultural Show. Find out more about the history of the 'Concours Général Agricole'

1844 - 1870

  • 1870 - Creation and official launch of the 'Concours Général Agricole' in Paris

  • 1844 - Heir to the 'comices agricoles' agricultural shows of the 18th century, the "fatty animals" or "slaughter animals" competition was inaugurated in 1844 in Poissy to the west of Paris. This is one of the two large markets that supply the French capital with animals for slaughter.