Dive into the livestock sector at the Paris International Agricultural Show. Discover the different breeds, techniques, and challenges of this key area of agriculture
A cow and her calf eating

Showcasing French excellence!

Featuring cows, bulls, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and dogs, the Paris International Agricultural Show is France's largest showcasing of animal with high genetic value.

The flagship section of the Paris International Agricultural Show, Livestock production and its sectors showcases the very best of France's animal sectors, most of which are competing in the prestigious General Agricultural Competition. Visitors can experience a fully immersive experience in these sectors, from start to finish.

A few Figures – You'll find:

  • 6 competition rings, which will also be drawing visitors in droves, keen to attend the General Agricultural Competition.
  • 5 sectors:
    • Cattle, goats, pigs, sheep
    • Horses
    • Dogs and cats
    • Farmyard animals
    • Animals of the world
  • 1 mascot cow, the star of the 2020 edition will be holding court in Hall 1