The 2024 International Agriculture Show concluded after nine days, overcoming challenges and political heaviness, achieving a turnout of 603,652 despite farmer protests, and highlighted by the 60th edition's celebrations and the successful introduction of the SIA'PRO event.

The International Agriculture Show 2024: Positives in a Challenging Context!

Calf eating hay

Stronger than the Show itself: France's premier show remains the favorite event for the French because it is popular, friendly, and definitively human. Despite difficulties due to the tense agricultural context on the first Saturday, we reached an attendance figure of 603,652 visitors.

The International Agriculture Show 2024 closed its doors after nine intense days marked by unexpected challenges and a political atmosphere that was sometimes heavy, sometimes studious. While we had anticipated a difficult edition, the level of complexity encountered was significant. The legitimate anger of the farmers is a subject to which we have offered our support, as we understand them. However, the multiplication of demonstrations disrupted the course of the Show.

It is essential to remember that the International Agriculture Show, although visited by many political actors, is a private show. The massive presence of political representatives, with 83 official visits, is a recognition for our event, but it also underscores the need to rethink the organization of their welcome for the future. Aware of the adjustments to be made, our goal is to ensure a balance between political participation and the smooth running of the Show.

Our code of good conduct, the SIA'ttitude, was a success on weekdays, demonstrating the participants' ability, including the exhibitors, to adapt. However, the weekend presented additional challenges, requiring special attention for future editions. The Show must remain a place of discovery and tasting. Festive alcohol YES, excessive alcohol, NO!

The celebration of the 60th edition was nevertheless a highlight: with festive moments - stilt walkers and dancers - coming to animate the aisles; with the active participation of exhibitors who were able to give an aesthetic and dynamic touch to their stands and animations.

A successful first milestone for our new event SIA'PRO: with nearly 30 brands present at this first meeting, 10 exhibitors to present solutions and equipment, 30 conferences, and practical workshops to exchange, share knowledge... TEDx, hackathon, the events were plentiful during the three days of SIA'PRO!

1,283 prizes awarded in the Animal Competition

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