Simplify your visa application process for the Paris International Agricultural Show with our letter of assistance. Participate in this major agricultural event with ease!
The 2024 visa application platform will be available shortly

All foreign nationals (from outside the European Union) wishing to enter France, even for professional reasons, must be able to present border officials with regulatory evidence of the reason for their trip, proof of their ability to support themselves, as well as their accommodation arrangements.

As a general rule, you will require a visa to enter the country, unless you benefit from an exemption. You need to request the visa before you leave from the French embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

Letter to help you apply for a visa

The International Agriculture Show supports your request and facilitates formalities by sending you a letter which will help you obtain a visa. This letter should be presented to the French embassy in your country.

Your letter will be sent to the email address supplied in the form as soon as possible. Print out the letter, attach it to your VISA application and present it to the French embassy in your country of residence.

We remind you that the show is not responsible for the granting or refusal of visas.

Prepare your trip

To prepare for your visit to the International Agricultural Show, why not take advantage of offers at preferential rates, thanks to our partners.

A question?

For any question, please have a look to our FAQ.

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