Discover the educational farm of the Paris International Agricultural Show, an interactive space where both young and old explore agriculture and the world of farm animals.
Pony presented in the educational farm

The 2024 Educational Farm

The Educational Farm is designed to bring together in one place all the animal species present at the Show. In the farmyard, the sheepfold, the stable and the cowshed, visitors will be able to meet rabbits, "pie rouge" and Gascon cows, Alpine, Poitevin and Rove goats, Suffolk and Solognot sheep, ponies and donkeys.

Its objective? To establish a dialogue between the public and those who devote their lives to animals: breeders, passionnates who work, for example, for the preservation of old breeds, but also veterinarians.

Every day, they will animate the animation area of the Educational Farm. Young and old will be able to approach animals and learn more about their life, their characteristics and how to take care of them, through 4 themes:

  • One Health: showing the close links between human and animal health; the way we act, voluntarily or involuntarily, influences the ecosystems in which we live
  • Animal Welfare
  • Responsible pet ownership: what you need to know before adopting an animal
  • The professions



10:30 am : The life of farm animals: quiz, carried out in the presence of animals, referring to the "Jacquotte Manual" on the needs of farm animals. Presented by SNVEL

11:00 am : The different breeds of rabbits

11:30 am : "Goat School" show: performed in the presence of the animals of the educational farm. Presented by SNVEL


2:00 pm : Teaching in veterinary schools: the use of learning simulators. Presented by ENVF

2:30 pm : Animal care professions: team functioning; preparation for a visit to the veterinarian, conducted in the presence of animals from the Educational Farm.

3:00 pm : Animal welfare: assessment criteria, application in the field, teaching. Presented by SNVEL

3:30 pm : The different breeds of rabbits

4pm : Horse welfare. Presented by IFCE.

4:30 pm : Shepherd's dogs: driving dog and protection dog with IDELE and SNVEL.


The Educational Farm at the Show is created in partnership with the Fédération Avicole d’Île-de-France and the SNVEL.

ENVF : French National Veterinary Schools
SNVEL : National Union of Private Practice Veterinarians
ICAD : Identification of domestic carnivores
IFAP : Identification of protected wildlife
IFCE : French Institute of Horse and Riding
BDNI : National database of animal identification
IDELE : Institut de l'élevage
APFORM : Animal Pro Formation

The animals of the farmyard are fed by MIFUMA

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