Discover the magnificent horses and donkeys of the Paris International Agricultural Show. Attend demonstrations, explore the diversity of breeds, and learn about the characteristics of these animals used in agriculture.
Horse and carriage parade

Visit horses, donkeys and mules at the 2024 Paris International Agriculture Show!

Come and meet draught horses and their breeders

Equine and asinine breeds are showcased in pavilion 6, where visitors can discover the different breeds of French draught horse, as well as donkeys, mules and other regional horses and ponys and what they can be used for.

French breeds of draught horses, donkeys, mules and other regional horses and ponys – will be presenting draught horses around the large horse and donkey ring, where competitions, demonstrations, presentations and other events will take place.

Breeder presenting a horse at the Grand Parade
Two donkeys eating hay

Donkey Village

For the donkey's 27th participation in the Show, you'll be able to attend daily presentations of French donkey breeds, including Corsican donkeys, Provence donkeys, Normandy donkeys and more.

An introduction to pony riding with the French Equestrian Federation

There will be a pop-up pony club set up in hall 6 – the equine hall – to showcase all the work done by pony clubs and equestrian centres, work that is both fun and educational.

The French Equestrian Federation will be giving children (accompanied by their parents) opportunities to try out pony riding. Use your family visit to the Paris International Agricultural Show to introduce your children to this fun and educational activity. You and your child will be supervised by a state-qualified teacher as you make your way along a specially marked out course in teams of two – to everybody's delight. What an excellent idea to have ponies at the show!

Feel free to allow yourself some selfies with our long-eared friends and immortalize your visit to the #SIA2024.

Child holding hay