Explore the milking parlor at the Paris International Agricultural Show, where cows are milked throughout the event.
Farmers with cows in the milking parlour

Don't miss the must-see milking parlour in hall 1

Animals' lives don't just stop during the show… The animals get milked every day! Come and see it at the Delaval stand in hall 1.

The Salon’s milking parlor in a few figures

  • 16,000* liters of milk storage in tanks
  • Around 500 dairy cows entered into the DelPro herd management software database
  • Around 250 cows per milking session (depending on the days and competitions)
  • 24 dairy breeds present for milking
  • Around 41,133 liters (LSDH dairy departure) + 10,000 liters (Cheese processing stand) produced at the event.
  • Each breeder is paid at the end of the Show based on what his or her cow(s) produced 2 teams of 2 DeLaval technicians who ensure smooth operation morning and evening accompanied by 4 milking commissioners from the general police station and trainees from agricultural high schools and veterinary schools


Integrated solutions designed to improve milk production, animal welfare and the overall quality of life of dairy producers, in accordance with SIA’ttitude.

Children watching the cows in the milking parlour

Want to learn more about cow milking at the Salon? 


Listen to our special podcast episode (podcast in French only)

*2023 International Agricultural Show figures