Explore global agricultural diversity at the Paris International Agricultural Show, a flavorful journey through cultures and terroirs

Embark on a discovery of the specialties from our five continents.

The true festival of flavors takes place in the spaces dedicated to the Agricultures of the world and their products! Throughout the duration of the Paris International Agricultural Show, our visitors set off to explore products and specialties from afar.

Italian food stall

Institutional Pavilions

To showcase the diverse agricultures of the world and the products derived from them, the Paris International Agricultural Show offers two spaces dedicated to this exploration. Pavilion 5.1 hosts 14 international pavilions offering a diversified showcase of global agricultural wealth: Algeria, Cameroon (CAPEF), China, Ivory Coast (MEMINADER, MIRAH, MINEF, Tickey), Spain (Royal Spain), Italy (CCIFM), Indonesia, Japan (Jetro), Kazakhstan, Libya, Morocco (ADA), Nigeria (Pride of Nigeria), Rwanda (NAEB), Senegal, Switzerland (Terroir Fribourg)

To represent their country in person, producers from around the world make the journey to Paris to highlight the gastronomy dear to them. Among these represented countries are Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, Morocco, Madagascar, Colombia, Cuba, Italy, Mali, Senegal, Greece, Australia, Mongolia. They proudly exhibit in pavilion 5, on level 2.

Restaurants from Afar

To fully savor these delights, our visitors will have the opportunity to dine in restaurants with atmospheres representative of the present continents. They can enjoy a Brazilian barbecue, delight in an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet, appreciate a Swiss fondue, taste Austrian sauerkraut, and try Australian specialties such as kangaroo meat hamburgers.
Presentation of dishes from restaurants around the world
Camels in their enclosure

Livestock of the World

Because we cannot talk about agriculture without talking about livestock, our faithful partner LA CAMELERIE – JACO presents some specimens to see and revisit. The association LA CAMELERIE initially brings together enthusiasts of animals forgotten in Europe, yet still remarkable livestock animals on a global scale.

So, come visit Anabelle, Melkior, Pacha, Orpheus, or Dark, camels and dromedaries, but also our cattle of Malagasy breed (zebus), Asian (yaks) or African (watusis).

Throughout the week, you will discover soaps made with camel milk. You will take the opportunity to give your opinion by tasting camel milk and ask all the questions you have to the members of the association who will be happy to satisfy your curiosity.